On audio in general

On speaker design

  • Gainphile
    Lots of interesting experiments with constant directivity dipoles.
  • Interview with David Smith
    David Smith, who has forgotten more about audio than I will ever know, on acoustics, speakers, and design choices relating to their development.
  • A Speakermaker’s Journey
    Search the archive for lots of information about the basics of passive crossover design and many more topics. While there, take a moment to wonder if this guy is really called Nigel Tufnel…

Tools and tests

  • Harman How to Listen
    Harman’s training program. You can use it to train yourself in identifying various common audio problems by ear.
  • Spotify Premium ABX
    A blind test of Spotify Premium’s 320 kbps audio quality vs. lossless versions of the same tracks.
  • Blind listening tests
    Test your ability to hear several basic physical quantities.

YouTube channels

Most of these are about woodworking, so don’t bother checking them out if that doesn’t float your boat.